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Along with our wide range of pumpkins, we also have fun activities for the whole family.

Hay Rides - Take a tour of the farm and see where the pumpkins are grown. Available on Saturday & Sunday.

Pedal Go Carts - Race up to three of your friends on our pedal go cart track. Open daily.

Pony Cart Ride - Our pony, Ava, gives cart rides around the farm. Available on Saturday & Sunday.

Playground Equipment - For the kids that just wanna swing around, there is a jungle gym to swing and slide on.

Kids Zone - A barn full of fun activities aimed for kids 10 and under Some of the activities are listed below. Open daily.

Straw Maze - Perfect for the little ones who are too afraid to go through the big corn maze

Corn Box - Similar to a sand box but filled with corn--easily one of the favorite activities.

Pumpkins Ahoy - Activity boat with ladders and slides

Tower of Slides - Bales of straw leading up to two different swirling slides 

Pedal Tractor Track - For the kids that are too small for the pedal go carts, pedal tractors can be raced around our indoor track

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